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Defence Mechanism
Defence Mechanism“Defence Mechanism is a band with a good sense of humor and a quite serious approach in the composition.” - SIDE-LINE

“… ‘Invasion of the Robot Brains from Planet Zero’ is a solid, entertaining album with a great potential to fill the dance floors.” – Refelctions of Darkness Magazine

"… not your typical EBM or Industrial. Not Industrial at all actually. Defence Mechanism sound as though Thomas Dolby, Information Society and Depeche Mode got together one night with the cast of This Islan Earth and recorded an album.” - Unknown Source

“... sounds a little bit like Ghostbusters. The music of Defence Mechanism reminds of 80s electro.” – Templores Magazine

The Story So Far…

One hot August morning way back in the year 2003, while working on a way to make Lego procreate, Dr. Daniel X received an urgent and very loud message from the head of the UN. Earth was in dire straits! Several UFO's had been spotted in the sky above a Pizza Hut in a small, remote city in Canada.
Dr. Daniel X quickly called upon Cpt. Alexander J. Parker to work his technological magic and intercept transmissions from the mysterious ships.

Oh No! These were not ordinary, harmless little green men. These were something far more heinous...

The Robot Brains From Planet Zero!

Come from afar to destroy mankind! Gasp!
Dr. X telephoned the legendary military demolitions expert Paul K. "Sgt. Killzalot" to assist in what was very quickly becoming a chance to try some new inventions and ultimately blow up a bunch of stuff.

And So, Dr. Daniel X, Sgt. Paul K., and Cpt. Alexander J. Parker set forth to protect planet Earth from the evil clutches of the pesky Robot Brains From Planet Zero!
...Stay Tuned!

One hot and windy August morning way back in 2003 an evil race of alien robots secretly landed in remote regions of the earth (mostly near Pizza Huts). Around that same time a young scientist by the name of Dr. Daniel X was working in his lab when suddenly the phone rang.
It was the United Nations!
They asked Dr. X to assemble a small team of experts to help defend earth against the vile Robot Brains from Planet Zero who had descended upon our world with the intention of killing us all.

Dr. Daniel X immediately phoned the only two people he could think of that would be crazy enough to assist him on this ridiculously dangerous task.
Explosives expert Paul K. (code name: Sgt. Killzalot) and Electronics expert Cpt. Alexander J. Parker.
This newly formed band needed a name. A name that would properly represent what they intended to use their music for. “Defence Mechanism” seemed to have a nice ring to it, so they rolled with it.

During their first year Defence Mechanism played as many shows as they could and eventually landed the opening slot for industrial rock legends KMFDM.
In early 2006 a full-length album was written and recorded. “A Shameless Display of Superior Intelligence” was released in April 2006 on Pink Skull Records.

Over the years they played many shows. Sharing the stage with other notable bands such as Android Lust, Hanzel und Gretyl and Front Line Assembly before stopping to take the time to plan a new course of attack against these interstellar robots.
Dr. Daniel X spent many late nights watching old Sci-Fi movies to find inspiration for the next album.

On July 2nd 2010 “Invasion of the Robot Brains from Planet Zero” was released throughout Europe on Danse Macabre Records, and independently throughout North America on March 1st 2011

Dr. Daniel X – The (mad) Scientist – Voice, Synthesizers, Samplers, Songwriting, Production, Engineering and Gadgets.
Paul K. (aka Sgt. Killzalot) – Synthesizers, Electronic Percussion, Sampling and Explosions.
Cpt. Alexander J. Parker – Analogue Synthesizers, Sampling, Random Sonic Wizardry and Keyboard Belts.

Defence Mechanism Details

Services Handled by Darker Side of Light: Booking Agent, Management and Promotions
Genre: Electronica
Hometown: St Catharines, Ontario, Canada
Website: defencemechanism.ca
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Invasion of the Robot Brains From Planet Zero
A Shameful Display of Superior Intelligence

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