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ESCH SCHULZ and MUREN ESCH, GUENTER SCHULZ and MONA MUR join forces in this touring supergroup!

The trio first collaborated in 1985 when ESCH and SCHULZ's band (at the time), KMFDM, opened for Mona in Hamburg. That show started a relationship that would last until this day.

Esch and Schulz parted ways with KMFDM in 1999 however, ironically, Mona appeared on KMFDM's album WWIII in 2002.

In 2001, ESCH and SCHULZ joined forces to form Slick Idiot. In 2009, MONA MUR contributed to their album Sucksess.

2007 saw ESCH and MUR join forces in the MONA MUR & EN ESCH project, further strengthening the relationship between the three artists. This project played many shows throughout Europe and released two albums which are distributed in North America via Storming the Base; the second featuring SCHULZ on guitar. The MONA MUR & EN ESCH version of the classic "Ballad of the Drowned Girl" was made possible by one of the rare permissions given by the reputable KURT WEILL FOUNDATION NYC.

In 2010, MONA formally joined Slick Idiot, adding her unique vocals to the band and subsequently hit the road with the band, crossing Canada the same year. The tour was supported by the German Ministry of Culture Initiative Musik.

In April 2011, the trio appeared at the Wax Trax Retrospectacle; a charity event held in Chicago featuring former Wax Trax alumni. EN ESCH, GUENTER SCHULZ and MONA MUR along with old friend Raymond Watts, performed several KMFDM classics at the sold out event.

Currently, the band tours under the name EN ESCH, GUENTER SCHULZ and MONA MUR combining tracks from all their previous projects, as one high intensity show that spans the most influential years of electronic rock.


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Genre: Dark Alternative
Hometown: Berlin
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