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Glass Apple Bonzai
Glass Apple Bonzai is what happens when Daniel X. Belasco (Defence Mechanism, MDM) locks himself in a wood paneled basement, surrounds himself with vintage synthesizers, plays Atari games, does his hair, and writes songs.

An undeniably obvious tribute to the wonderful world of 1980's synthpop and synthwave awesomeness with a focus on strong songwriting, personal lyrical content, and finding a way to fit electronic hand claps into almost every song.

Bonzai started in 2008 as an outlet for Daniel's seemingly endless obsession for retro everything but was shelved for a number of years as focus shifted back to Defence Mechanism.
Ultimately the retro-demons could not be held at bay and they broke through with their neon laser eyes, shooting lasers from their eyes and turned Daniel into some kind of weird robot/human hybrid like that one scene from Superman III, you know the one?
Man, that was awesome...

2014 sees the release of a number of singles, and a full-length album (due in Feb.) as well as Glass Apple Bonzai's first official live performance at Kinetik Festival: Toronto Edition on the I Die: You Die stage (idieyoudie.com) in May.

And there you have it, folks.
Look for the Synthpop/Synthwave/Retro stylings of Glass Apple Bonzai at a computer near you!

Glass Apple Bonzai is: Daniel X. Belasco
Live keyboardist: Ste7en (Dreamstate Seven, ex-Nanochrist, really swell guy)

Glass Apple Bonzai Details

Services Handled by Darker Side of Light: Booking Agent
Genre: Alternative
Hometown: Ontario, Canada
Website: https://www.facebook.com/glassapplebonzai
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