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Tactical Sekt
Tactical SektOne fact is beyond contestation, Tactical Sekt has changed the sound of dark electronic music. What started as a side project of Aslan Faction burst out of left field and filled dance floors and concert venues from day one. From their first live appearance at the Gotham Festival in Amsterdam NL in March of 2003, fans of dance Dark Electro heard a new era of dark electronic music begin. Combining elements of Trance and Industrial, Tactical Sekt soon went to the top of the Deutsche Alternative Charts and on the playlists of DJ's worldwide.

Anthony Mather took Tactical Sekt on the road with Suicide Commando and unleashed upon crowds throughout Europe what is considered by many to be a benchmark release of the modern Hellectro Sound 'Burn Process'.

Tactical Sekt has since released the full length hit 'Syncope' which was lauded by fans and critics alike. Tactical Has played almost every major Industrial / Gothic Festival and packed venues from 100 to 5000 without fail.

Driving beats, pounding bass, razor leads and ample layering of pads and complex strings define what is sure to thrill live audiences and dance floors for years to come.

Through the history of the band members have come and gone but the current line up of Anthony Mather, Jay Taylor, Robert Schott and newest member Johnny Bonnet has seen rave reviews for their live act.

As one of the scenes most popular yet illusive acts the trio remain a mystery to the newly inducted and legendary to those in the know. So yes, Tactical Sekt has defined the modern sounds of Dark Electro and influenced many of today's most popular acts. Soon to come will be Tactical Sekts first release since 2006. The only questions that remain are where will they take us now and will you be there to experience it?

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Genre: EBM
Website: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Tactical-Sekt/2416013732
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Tactical Sekt to play this years Terminus Festival

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