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URN"URN was another local band that comprised two female members in the drums and the keyboards. Their show and music were very good and I have to say that I really enjoyed their setlist. They had a vintage Epic sound that for some reason brought to my mind bands like WARLORD or even CIRITH UNGOL."
Dimitris Kontogeorgakos-Metal Temple

"Urn: I walked in on this Chicago based outfit in what appeared to be the middle of or actually very close to the end of their set which was some pretty cool crushing Doom Metal. After hearing a few melodies from them I was actually saddened by my tardiness since they were.quite good for this genre. With the amount of bands doing this kind of stuff these days I have to say that I felt ardent followers of this scene would enjoy them. That being said, the band is comprised of both male and female members, with guys handling the guitars while the ladies deliver the keyboards and drums. The keyboardist also sings and steps out from the boards for a couple of tracks and this is what we caught most of. They are currently signed to a label called Rotting Corpse Records whom I have never heard of before tonight and while they had several EP’s and a full length available, they were announcing a new CD was coming out soon with oversized cards. The cards allowed the interested to get the band to sign them or just to tell them about this upcoming release which is entitled “Scriblings Of A Forgotten Soul”."

Ken Pierce (copyright 2009) for PiercingMetal.com

The Chicago-based dark metal band URN® is one on a musical journey exploring the darker aspects of both the conscious mind and the unconscious soul. The band has been captivating audiences across multiple genres and have been establishing themselves as one the more energetic live acts to see. The band has drawn comparisons by national trade media to such artists such as Type O Negative, Lacuna Coil, Amorphis, Nightwish, My Dying Bride and other similar acts that tend to find a certain beauty in darkness.

The band originated in 1994 as part of the Cleveland college music scene and relocated to Chicago in 1998 as founder Dominic St. Charles also performed with the Electric Hellfire Club. Urn started touring nationally in 2001 in support of their first self-released EP “Consecrated Ashes”.

The band then followed up and self-released their “Desecrated Ashes” EP in 2003 and received strong airplay support via college and internet radio stations across North America. The band then self-booked several national tours and eventually made their Canadian and Mexican debuts in this timeframe.

In December of 2005, URN signed with Rotting Corpse Records and in July of 2006, released their first full-length LP “Dancing with the Demigods” with major chain-store distribution through Century Media, Synergy Distribution and Azure Green. The album received rave reviews in trade magazines such as Pit Magazine, Brave Words and Bloody Knuckles, Explicitly Intense, New Witch, Dark Realms, and many more.

As a result, URN toured even more extensively throughout North America, highlighted by being the direct support acts for To/Die/For, Virgin Black for full production tours. The band also did support for regional legs of tours with Moonspell, Katatonia, Daylight Dies, and Finntroll, and many notable others.

The band also headlined many high-profile conventions/festivals throughout such as Ancient Ways in Chicago, KiNvention North in Toronto, Endless Nights in New Orleans, Radio Active in Detroit, GenCon in Indianapolis, The International Body Art Expo in Columbus, Paganstock in Michigan, Doomsday Metal Fest in Milwaukee and The Long Black Veil in New York.

URN released their second full-length album, “Scribings of a Forgotten Soul” in July 2009, again on Rotting Corpse Records, and the band would continue its relentless approach to international touring and promoting by being direct support acts for artists such Tarja Turunen for full tours as well as being selected for regional tours with artists such as Epica, Leaves Eyes, Ensiferum, Tyr, and The Genitorturers.

URN, a band who is always pushing their boundaries and thresholds, looks to continue to do so over the coming years by their life commitment to constantly evolve, adapt, and grow on their musical journey.

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Genre: Metal
Hometown: Chicago, United States
Website: urncentral.com
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Scribings of a Forgotten Soul
Dancing with the Demigods
Desecrated Ashes
Consecrated Ashes

Urn - Shadow Dancer - Official
Urn - Reckoning Hour - Official
Urn - Tormented Souls - Live

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