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Promonium Jesters
Promonium Jesters

"I also finally got to hear the opening band from the other night, Promonium Jesters. We had their CD and we were rocking it. Had a great old school Wax Trax vibe to it." Jason Bazinet (16 Volt, Front Line Assembly, SMP, Chemlab)

Hailing from Uxbridge, Ontario, Promonium Jesters was formed in 1995 by members Ethan Moseley and Gregory Cox.
Playing live since 1996, the sextet has traversed Canada numerous times performing their own blend of psychedelic industrial thrash.
With 11 albums under their belt, these digital warriors have shared the stage with the likes of Cyanotic, 16 Volt, Chemlab, Merzbow and Left Spine Down. They also offer two tour DVDs and four music videos.
In addition to their sonic brutality, Promonium Jesters also offer a spectacular stage show, complete with lighting and video of their own design.

Promonium Jesters Details

Services Handled by Darker Side of Light: Booking Agent, Management and Promotions
Genre: Dark Alternative
Hometown: Uxbridge, Ontario, Canada
Website: promonium.tv
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Promonium Jesters - Full Lethbridge Concert

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